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50 Wards in 50 Weekdays: 27th Ward's Tia Ung complains that government is acting like a business

Like many Chicagoans, Tia Ung doesn’t spend all day in a single ward. The 27th Ward resident walks beyond the boundaries to take her little one-year-old, Arya, to a dog park, located just inside the neighboring 2nd Ward.

“I got [Arya] when she was eight weeks, so, she was about 10 pounds and now she’s 45 pounds,” Ung says. The big puppy needed some coaxing to pose for the camera.

Ung is 43, and works for the IT company Root Port. She moved to Chicago from San Francisco in 1989, so she witnessed the full tenure of Mayor Richard M. Daley. He kept things clean, she says, improved scenery and brought in tourists.

Ung's corner of the 27th is in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood. She likes the area and the amenities, including that new dog park. What she doesn't like are the rising costs - some levied by the government (taxes)  and some levied by a quasi-government (those dreaded condominium fees). "I don't know that we can afford to live here anymore," she says.

Right now, the top issue for Ung is all the rules and regulations “imposed on everything," which she sees as part of a larger money-making focus of government. In particular, she's felt the sting of red light cameras and parking restrictions. Have a listen:


Ung is not sure how she'd grade Mayor Rahm Emanuel's early job performance. She knows he’s doing things, but those things haven’t affected her life yet.


So that is Tia Ung, representing the 27th Ward in our series “50 Wards in 50 Weekdays.” Check back tomorrow to meet another neighbor.

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