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Eight Forty-Eight

A comparison between the private and public sectors

The political wrangling over collective bargaining and unions has brought public sector workers into focus. In February, teachers, nurses and other civil service workers took over Wisconsin’s state capitol building. They wanted to thwart Governor Walker’s proposed rollback of their collective bargaining rights.

Beyond all the rhetoric Eight Forty-Eight wondered how work breaks down for public versus private sector workers. Does one get a better deal than the other?

Laura Page has been in both. She went from working as a policy advisor for the Illinois state treasurer's office to working at The Center for Nataionl Music Service, a non-profit in California. And to help provide some context on both spheres of work, host Alison Cuddy was joined by labor expert Bob Bruno. Bruno is Director of the Labor Education Program at the University of Illinois.

Listen to what Laura Page has to say about working in the private sector.

Laura Page working in private sector.mp3

Listen to what Laura Page has to say about working in the public sector.

Laura Page working in public sector.mp3

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