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At least Quinn is up-front about nepotism. It's strangely refreshing, eh?

Paul Simons Daughter
Top story: Sheila Simon is now officially the democratic nominee for Lt. Governor.‚  It's at least refreshing‚ that our governor is up front about nepotism. He even goes on to cite it in the press conference announcing her. You can tell he's from Chicago (OK, Hinsdale). But what is it with Illinois politics? Is there anyone who's Dad wasn't already an influential politician? Oh, right, one dude - and he's now President. And the other is awaiting trial for corruption. B story: There must have been some super-strategy meetings at Celebrity Apprentice when considering Rod Blagojevich. He really has nothing to offer that show and yet, they just keep letting him play. And at the end of the day, Trump goes out of his way to not only edit in some of his political nonsense (for comedy), but even gives him shout-outs in the board meeting about what a good, nice guy he is. What was with the "I understand you have to be nice, jurors could be fans of other players..." bit? My theory? The numbers for Celebrity Apprentice's in the past were way down in Chicago. This is a big market, so they had to get a big-market presence. And Sammy Sosa wasn't available. Once Blago is fired? It'll be like 'Earth Hour' where you can feel the collective shutting off of television sets across our fair city. Until then, Sunday night is popcorn party time at my house. C story:‚  Forget putting reality TV cameras on the White Sox, put them on City Hall. On Friday, Mayor Daley just shut off Alderman Joe Moore's microphone. He has a button to do that. And he just shut it off.‚  I wish they could now go into a confessional room and tell us about how they both feel. Oh wait, that's what the media is for. And this was over street-sweeping? Imagine what would happen if Moore actually took Daley to task over something bigger, like, say, the city budget. I think Daley might just go over to his desk and rip the microphone out. Weather: You gotta love that it will be 70+ later this week. It's time for everyone who gained a few pounds this winter to pull out the spring/summer wardrobe and try and fit into those shorts. Sports: Hey Illini fans, remember when you were in the Final Four and that skinny kid from Northbrook was thinking of going to your school but then decided to go to Duke instead? Yeah, Jon Scheyer got there before you did. And DePaul realize your team could be Butler, right? Kicker: Did you see former President George W. Bush wipe his hands on former President Bill Clinton's shoulder after shaking hands with someone in Haiti? The clip is exactly why we have the internet. 15 years ago, that would NEVER make it to a broadcast news platform. But today, there is a place for it in our daily media diet. And then, well, MSNBC and all cable channels pick it up and show it over and over and over again, thus making us less fond of the clip that we first saw on-line. Moral of the story? We need a second internet.

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