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At least Scott Lee Cohen is following the IL Dem's game-plan: Give the ball to Madigan

Top Story: So the counter-punch at the media is complete! Yesterday, I wrote if Scott Lee Cohen wanted to get back at the media for hijacking his political career, he should make the highly-anticipated withdrawal-from-the-race speech during the Super Bowl. So the political beat reporters would have to leave their nachos and skip their third beer to cover this sideshow. And he did it! He did exactly what I wrote. Now the question the peanut gallery has is whether or not I am psychic or if Scott Lee Cohen got the idea from me. So, either way, the press corps is probably pretty mad at me. Deal. B Story: Now this story gets so, so exciting. Does Pat Quinn get to pick a running-mate? Does Michael Madigan step in and make the call? Are voters who voted against the IL Democratic machine going to lose it now that the people they didn't want to make the decision are making the decision? I will give Scott Lee Cohen credit on one thing. He knows how the IL political game is played. The gameplan? Give the ball to Madigan. He's the Randy Moss of IL politics. C Story: So is your bus canceled today? At 4pm Friday, Daley met with CTA officials and union heads to stop the cuts. But nothing happened. Talks are continuing. And now your bus is gone. I know it's probably not the case, but didn't it just seem that back-in-the-day Daley would have come up with a way to stop the cuts and be the hero? Before the deadline? Add that to the fact that Daley brought out his troops for Terrence O'Brien in the Cook County Board race and you are starting to see a Mayor who is known for getting things done...not get things done. But then again, who is getting anything done anymore? Investigation: When the country of France kicks off the Tour De France, do they go national song, then national anthem like we do in the Super Bowl? Two songs to let the world know we love ourselves. Weather: Here comes the snow. Sports: How in the hell is Richard Dent not in the NFL Hall of Fame? This is why this town needs a Jay Mariotti. To stir this up. I'm sorry, but John Randle? John Randle is in the Hall before Dent? The sackman? To quote a family member: "Man, Dent must have pissed somebody off..." Kicker: I think this picture sums up the Cohen debacle. I hope it catches on. You can photo-shop the names of the players in...

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