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Attn Freelancers: Free story ideas! Get your free story ideas!

I've decided to stop pitching my stories formally and just become open source. Freelancers and aspiring journalists, consider these stories as my "giving back" to the journalistic community. 1) Gas Prices. Here's why: in the wake of watching the most audacious political corruption scandal in Illinois' history, nothing is off limits. Yes, there have been a million stories on rising gas prices. And we've heard the excuses why Chicago is way higher than the rest of the country. But seriously, do you trust the government and the oil companies that there isn't corruption involved? I don't. 2) I pitched this one to our Science Reporter Gabe Spitzer, but don't you think it's funny that Manny Ramirez got busted for using Clomid? He didn't get busted on steroids, he was busted for boosting his hormones through a drug that is specifically used for helping women get pregnant. That's old, but I wonder how they get it? Do they have to have a consultation about their options? And will their insurance cover it? Or does Manny go out of pocket for that? 3) Drew Peterson - I would love to know if Drew Peterson (the news story, not the man) is as popular as all the web sites, talk shows and newspapers make him out to be. WGN spent 15 minutes last night on Peterson coverage. Am I the only one that thinks this story sucks? It's a murder story. Check the wire, murders happen every single day. Someone do a graph on how many unsolved murders there have been since Drew Peterson's third wife died. It's definitely a story, but not 15 minutes or worthy of the Sun-Times cover story - "CUFFED". 4) Seriously. What is up with the death of Danny Gans? 5) I guess our staff has had a few virus alerts/attacks from pop-up windows at the New York Times web site. Wouldn't that be awesome if we found out that a sketchy virus/link farm took out ad space in the NYTimes? Enjoy, and if you use any of these story ideas, you don't have to attribute. You just have to go to WBEZ20 and donate. Fair enough?

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