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Authors Jamie Notter & Maddie Grant

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Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant have been collaborating for a few years on the intersection of social media and leadership. Maddie Grant is a well-known blogger and partner in the successful social media consulting firm SocialFish, working with associations and nonprofits. Jamie Notter is a consultant to organizations on issues of leadership, conflict, and strategy. In 2009, they started to work together on the idea of the “social organization,” acknowledging that social media wasn’t just changing marketing and communications, it was challenging some of the tried and true principles of organizational leadership, structure, process, and behavior.

In 2011, their collaboration culminated in the publication of their book Humanize: How People-Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World. Humanize will help readers to: change organizations from the inside out; address critical elements of organizational behavior, process, and culture; move beyond social media buzzwords like transparent, decentralized, and open—and actually make them happen; and promote forms of “generative” success that go beyond profit and loss.

Notter and Grant are the keynote speakers at the third annual N.E.T.T. (NEIU Empowerment Through Technology) Day, as well as the keynote speakers in the NEIU Presidential Lecture Series. The theme of this year’s N.E.T.T. Day activities and the lecture is social media.

Recorded Friday, October 19, 2012 at Northeastern Illinois University.

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