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Blago trial audio theater: 'I gotta stop swearin...'

Blagojevich Indictment
I just realized that we have access to all the court evidence in the Blagojevich trial. Whoopie! I had no idea that I could listen on end to mindless phone conversations from Blagojevich to various friends, colleagues and family. I don't really have the authority or expertise to analyze these phone conversations to give you insight to how the trial is shaping up, but I do have an ear for drama! I'm a thespian at heart, so I know how to identify the flair! So today, I begin Blago trial audio theater with a clip from yesterday's evidence. The phone call took place in November 2008. I listened to about 30 minutes of Blago raw tapes to find this gem - a nice marital spat between Rod and Patti. Rod spends the first part of this tape (which I removed) talking to his wife, who is looking up information on a web site for him. He dismisses her and her findings. She does not like that. And let the drama begin. Editor's note: I've left in the swearing. It's such a vital part of the conversation. And at the end, Blagojevich even recognizes that it is too much. So if you are trying to keep your children (or yourself) away from the F-word, maybe skip this track: blago-theater_june24

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