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Afternoon Shift

Botnets, the cloud and some social media app love

It’s Tuesday and we’re joined by Cesar Torres, Social Editor at Ars Technica.

This week we look at botnets, online critters that work in tandem across thousands and sometimes millions of different computers for oftentimes nefarious purposes.  It’s kinda like the social network you didn’t realize you were a part of, and had no interest in joining.

Plus, we look at where the “cloud” is headed next.  Is that a rolling thunderstorm we see just on the horizon, or are those little (but growing) fluffy clouds upon which rainbows hang, angels sing and your computing experience in the future will almost entirely live?

Finally, a peek at a couple of social apps:, and Amen.  One clues you in on the news your friends (and social media acquaintances) use (, while the other spreads the good word of what’s good and bad in any given city or neighborhood (Amen).  Looking for the best hotdog joint in the city you’re visiting next weekend?  Find out what the locals favor before you take a bite into the wrong dog.

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