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Bubbly Creek: Chris Brown should pay for couple's honeymoon.

Welcome to the last week of July 2009. It should be a fun one. If not, it's on you. Why? Well not only is this going to be a typical Chicago summer-like week, but the Bears start training camp Friday. So there's that. NPR just redesigned their Web site today. What have you done this morning? Local round-up: Lynn Sweet has a great article from yesterday about how Chicagoans have officially replaced the Texans in the White House. The Chi-Town Daily News is reporting that the CPD is cracking down on panhandlers in Hyde Park. Guess who's back? The Baffler's back. And the Daily Herald has a great story. Video Gambling is now on the books. But it's still unclear on who is regulating it. Chris Brown's future? Wedding DJ: Have you seen the You Tube video of the dancing wedding procession? Wait, I guess I should say, Have you not seen the You Tube video because it has 8 million views. It features a 2008 Chris Brown song called "Forever." Just this weekend, that song was number #6 on the iTunes top 10. Wow. I thought about buying the song when I saw it, but my wife quickly forbid any Chris Brown in our house. And then asked me how I thought that a random video from a St. Paul wedding featuring a Chris Brown song got 8 million views? She smells something fishy. If you have time to lean, you have time to clean: It is a federal priority to clean up some of the nuclear power plants owned by Exelon. There are 7 of them in Chicago and the government gives 60 years AFTER the closing of a plant for a clean-up plan to be executed.‚  The federal government has set aside big money to help with that clean-up plan. Well, that was before the big economic meltdown. Now, big money is more like "do it yourself" money. And finally from our Flickr pool today: Are you thinking what I'm thinking? It's an ice cream Monday!!!!

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