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Caption contest: Did crooks send Chicago comic Robert Buscemi a message?

My friend Robert Buscemi is a local stand-up, now living between here and Los Angeles. He has always had a great sense of least to some. He just put out a CD called "Palpable." Robert Buscemi is a class act and always cracks me up. 

My friend and Schadenfreude editor Adam Witt is also a fan. Unfortunately, Adam had his car broken into this week. Crooks broke a window and stole his CD player. In the CD player, Adam was listening to Buscemi's album. The crook ejected the CD, leaving it behind.

Adam put the photo on his Facebook page and received the requisite Lebowski references, but the irony here is delicious. Did crooks purposely decide to pop out Buscemi's CD? Was it a message or just easier to steal without it in the player? In my head, they hotwired the car, listened to a joke or two, decided it wasn't up to snuff and just stole the CD player, leaving the car behind.

Oh, the rejection. Oh, the humanity. Oh, a caption contest!!!! Winner gets a Car Talk mug.

I think this should be Buscemi's new album cover. Help him name the album? Here are my suggestions:

"Ejected and Rejected: Robert Buscemi (Live in concert)"
"Hoodlums hate the comic stylings of Robert Buscemi"
"Robert Buscemi: This close to going viral"


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