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Chicago Board of Education: 1st time for everything

by zenia

This little bit of audio has been burning to get out of my tape recorder since last week. It found its way in there just before the Chicago Board of Education's special meeting was about to begin last Tuesday. This is the meeting where the board paved the way for class sizes of 35 across Chicago, something we'll be hearing more about as teachers duke it out with CPS this summer and budgets are finalized. So, ever wonder what school board members talk about before authorizing massive teacher layoffs or unprecedented $800 million loans?A lot of it is chit-chat, but reporter Hunter Clauss and I caught this little interaction between board members Tariq Butt and Alberto Carrero. 1ST TIME FOR EVERYTHING That's Butt noting that the board had never done anything like this before. And that's Carrero telling him there's a first time for everything. Of course, their conversation took place before members of the public spoke (all raised concerns over actions the board was about to take). And it even took place before Daley-appointed CEO Ron Huberman told Daley-appointed board members why they needed to vote for the unprecedented measures. That, class, is Chicago democracy.

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