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Chicago Clinton Supporters May Not Flock to Obama

Hillary Clinton is expected to suspend her bid for the Democratic presidential nomination today. Some of her Chicago supporters say that doesn't mean they'll automatically jump to Barack Obama

Not so fast.

Clinton delegate and long-time Democratic consultant Delmarie Cobb says that's the message many Clinton supporters have for the Democratic Party. She says the party "disrespected" Clinton and took her and women voters for granted.

COBB: Throughout this campaign what we are seeing is that the party did not want to disaffect young people, it did not want to disaffect blacks but it did not care what it did in terms of women. Women are supposed to sit down, shut up and do what they are expected to do. And what they're expected to do in the fall is vote Democratic no matter what.

What would it take to win them over? Cobb says Howard Dean should be removed as chair of the Democratic Party because he did too little for the Clinton campagin.

She says a vice-presidential slot might help, if only if that's what Clinton wants.

I'm Cate Cahan, Chicago Public Radio.

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