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Chicago in the national news: 10/18

This weekend, the Chicago's Hilton was the third location hit by worker protests- San Francisco and Honolulu are dealing with strikes of their own- in conjunction with employee contracts.‚  MSNBC reports that Chicago's employees been working without contracts for 14 months, which is made worse by the fact that Blackstone Group (which owns Hilton) appears to have saved millions in a federal bailout. Chicago's first lady, Maggie Daley, was hospitalized this Friday during a trip to Washington, D.C. says UPI. Daley, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, was admitted to a D.C. hospital when she complained of pain related to her condition. She is expected to be released tomorrow. Tribune gossip is still buzzing in the media and the Columbia Journalism Review has weighed in on the Lee Abrams saga- see media critic Robert Feder's recap here- by republishing their profile on him. Does it give a hint of the trouble to come? Maybe. The last line reads, "He's not the guy measuring how much someone's written. He's not the guy who has a secret formula for taking the newsroom down to six people. He wants newspapers to be something people love. He's all about the emotion, which is the part that newspapers have traditionally been scared to death of." And Riccardo Muti's recent health woes (and resulting departure from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra) have inspired Time's Healthland blog to ask whether "exhaustion" is an actual physical condition. I guess when every celebrity on the verge of a meltdown claims to be afflicted with it, questions come up.

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