Chicago Mayor Daley Outlines FY2006 Budget

Chicago Mayor Daley Outlines FY2006 Budget

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley Thursday will give his 2006 budget presentation to the city council.

The mayor yesterday gave a one hour public briefing on the plan, but released few details.

Chicago is dealing with a projected $104 million dollar budget hole. Daley’s 2006 spending plan doesn’t hike property taxes. But it would eliminate now-vacant jobs and cut $61 million across the board. The only tax increase would hike cigarette taxes 20-cents a pack.

Daley calls his plan a success because there is only one tax increase. But he says sin tax increases, fewer city services and less money from the federal government always is hardest on poor people.

The mayor has traditionally presented his budget to aldermen earlier, usually in the first half of October. Some aldermen worry they now won’t have enough time to thoroughly review the plan.