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Chicagoan heads to Libya to work with the Transitional National Council

Washington focused on Libya Friday. President Obama and his team of legal advisers are trying to determine how the United States military can lawfully continue to participate in the NATO bombing campaign.  Under US law, the president must terminate any combat operations that have not been authorized by Congress after 60 days.  That deadline will hit on May 20. 

White House officials are scheduled to meet with Mahmoud Gebril, the interim prime minister of the Transitional National Council, the government formed by anti-Gaddafi rebels.

The United States still hasn't recognized the Council as the legitimate representative of Libya. Waheed Burshan is a Libyan American who usually resides in Chicago. He has been in Libya since February, when protests first erupted, and has been working with the rebels' interim government. 

Waheed joins us in studio and takes your calls at 312-923-9239.

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