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Eight Forty-Eight

Chicago's Post Honeymoon Releases Debut Album

INTRO: Studies show that couples that play together stay together. While that may not be referring to playing together in a band, the duo of Post Honeymoon could serve as a good case in point for it. They met eight years ago, and have been going strong – as partners in life and in music – ever since. 848 music critic Althea Legaspi met with Post Honeymoon who conveyed that music – literally – brought them together.

TRACK 1: Beat Rush: I slow everything down, I can't help it (laughing) Nick: A little bit behind the beat. I'm a classic rusher, she's a classic dragger. Rachel: I go through life behind the beat (laughing) always!

That's Rachel Shindelman and Nick Kraska, the duo behind the band Post Honeymoon. And while that may be one of their differences musically, it is actually the rock that brought them together.

*PLAY song #3 “Numbers” (0:50-1:22, chorus 1:32-2:05, instr: 0-0:38) through next couple passages

In 2001, Shindelman had just moved to Chicago and Nick says his bandmate from New Black invited them over to hang out on a covert set up.

TRACK 2: Nick Crush: And then the door opens and there was Rachel there was a little– I was like, “That girl is” - you know Ah, whatever. I'm getting all silly, but yeah I kinda had the hots for her . . . At the end of the night everyone was going home and We Regazzi and Evil Beaver were playing at the Empty Bottle and I was like, “Hey want to go to the Empty Bottle?” and she was like, “I don't have any money.” And I was like, “Sure, I'll pay for you.” So I was trying to keep the date moving along. So that was, that was pretty good.

Depending on whom you ask, they started dating immediately…

TRACK 3: Nick Dating: I was thinking yeah we started dating immediately afterwards. Apparently I started, you didn't think we started dating for two weeks. Rachel: What? Nick: But you know I thought I was in right away. Hey! Rachel: Surprise! And they may or may not have started playing their own music immediately…

TRACK 4: Rachel Music: A little bit, didn't we? Nick: I, not, I wouldn't say so, I mean we. Sorry (laughing), See how she's non-commital to the relationship and I'm non-commital to the? Rachel: the musical relationship (laughing)

*PLAY song # 7 “First World Problems” (chorus 1:25-1:55, 0:27-0:53, instr: 0:14-26) Play through next couple passages Either way, the two were together and soon after Rachel was asked to play keyboards for New Black, Nick was their drummer. That band broke up in 2005, and a couple months later Nick joined the band Bang! Bang! Rachel served as a keyboard session player for them. But it was more than just melodies fusing them together. In 2007 they tied the knot. And their union as Post Honeymoon was blossoming as well.

TRACK 5: Rachel Band: It started in our heads first. We had to discuss the band at great length for basically for several months leading up to our wedding we just kept talking about yeah, this band we're gonna have, this band is gonna be awesome. Like we're gonna do this and we're gonna do that. We decided OK, after we get married and get this whole wedding thing out of the way, then we're gonna start the band. Which is where the name came from, too.

While they had been working together as a couple before in their other bands, they say Post Honeymoon allowed them more honest communication.

TRACK 6: RachNick New Black: It's definitely more freeing to not be in New Black and be a couple ‘cause we can get into it more when we're – there were a lot of silent treatments. Nick: I think we made a real conscious effort in New Black to not be boyfriendy and girlfriendy, and that may have made it worse because I think I maybe played – I was probably meaner than I should have been to not be showing any favoritism kind of stuff Rachel: No, you're meaner now. I'm just kidding. (laughing) I think you know we tried not to bicker and argue and kind of be too couple-like, and now I think we're able to Nick: Yeah, were just, yeah, there's no one to hide anything from now.

*PLAY song #1 “Dirge” (chorus 1:30-2:05, 0:54-1:29, instr 0-0:18) Play through passages
Their vow of “For better or worse” applies not only to the marriage, but to their creative process, too.

TRACK 7: NickRach Free: The marriage stuff? I think the good and bad is that there are no borders. We're free to tell each other what we think. And I let Rachel know that she's dragging, and she let's me know that I'm not singing in tune. And there's no mincing words about it. Rachel: Yeah, we have some hilarious, hilarious fights. There was one that ended with me attempting to carry a 115 cabinet downstairs by myself and like kinda putting a hole in the wall. But yeah, I mean, it's like everything is – there are no holds barred, if you'll excuse the cliché so it's like we can say what we want to say to each other.

And while their personal tale is a romantic one, their music doesn't tread the same path. They say it was their mutual fondness for darker music, such as Nick Cave's, that comprises their style. In fact, they featured a Nick Cave reading at their wedding. Night terrors, real world problems and death are subjects for their minor key excursions. Nick says it's making music exactly the way they want it.

TRACK 8: Nick Dark Sound: This is like kind of finally a chance that you're not like sharing your ideas with other people in bands, you're not diluting them for better or worse, they're not – it's just that, just the kinda true dark, evil depressing us (laughing).

*PLAY song #2 “Fakes” (chorus 1:12-1:36) They've also decided to go it alone for the release of their self-titled debut album. Their album is released on Two Thumbs Down Records, which is a collective of musicians releasing their music on their own. Rachel says they rarely butt heads when making business decisions.

TRACK 9: Rachel Decisions: We have similar goals and I think that makes a big difference and we have a similar aesthetic and we agree on a lot of the big decisions, on you know - the big decisions for us being not do you want to have children and do you want to buy a home? They're like, should we put out vinyl? Who do you want to use for promotion? Or should we tour the West coast? Should we fly out or should we drive out? Like, but it is regular family decisions, but kind of applied to music almost.

*PLAY song #6 “Night Guard” (chorus 0:59-1:21, 0:16-0:38) play through end And perhaps it's their obvious commitment to each other and their music that brings Post Honeymoon true harmony.

TRACK 10: Rachel End: I think something comes you know subconsciously from just having been together – we've been together for eight years now. Something comes out of that and the way you play and we are in synch with each other. Besides the dragging (laughing) and the intonation. Nick: yeah.

For WBEZ, I'm Althea Legaspi

OUTRO: Post Honeymoon celebrates their debut album release at Hideout in Chicago on Friday, June 19th.

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