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City Opens Squirrel Bow-Hunting in Parks

The Chicago Department of Urban Gaming announced Thursday it's granting permits for bow-hunters to help cull the invasive double-banded European squirrel population in city parks.

City officials say the double-banded European squirrel is wreaking havoc on Chicago parks.

So Mike Pulaski, Director of the City Department of Urban Gaming, has a solution: open hunting season on the squirrels in all Chicago parks.

PULASKI: You can have bows, crossbows, semi-automatic bows, those Robin Hood bows, but absolutely no handguns.

That's no problem for Annie-Mae Sullens, who's traveled from Kentucky for opening day.

SULLENS: It's hard to find a good European squirrel in Kentucky, and they just make the best squirrel stew. I mean, you gotta stew down a squirrel. It just makes the most flavorful stew you've ever had.

But the plan has its detractors. Kelly Adobe is a rodent psychologist.

ADOBE: This is really gonna hurt the tourism of the city. Plus, squirrels are working families, too. Isn't that what Chicago's about? 

Squirrel bow-hunting licenses are available beginning today. 

April Fool's Day!

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