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Daily Rehearsal: Tomorrow Never Knows -- this weekend

1. It was the (probably) second anniversary of 2amt yesterday. Organizer/founder/what have you David Loehr says there will be cupcakes. I guess virtual ones.

2. Magic and history: This show will be just like The Prestige, except without Christian Bale, which means it will be 95 percent as good. House Theatre of Chicago launches The Magic Parlour: An intimate evening of classic magic with Dennis Watkins at The Palmer House. It started last year at the Chopin, but who doesn't love the Palmer House? A crowd of people on New Years apparently did, and thus this new mystical experience was born. 

3. This Sunday, the original cast of Shattered Globe's Judgment at Nuremburg will perform a reading. A discussion with follow with Peter Less, who was an interpreter at the original trials. The company also did a one-off reconstruction of the production in October that was recommended by Kelly Kleiman.

4. Wyatt Cenac is in town this weekend for a (sold-out) performance in the Tomorrow Never Knows festival, where he'll be joined by Cameron Esposito, Tony Mendoza and Gabe Wallace. In his interview with the Reader, the Daily Show star small-talks about how darn COLD it is here. Stars: They're just like us. Comedians on the docket in other (sold-out) shows that are part of TNK include Hannibal Buress, Todd Barry, Dan Telfer, Seth & Kellen and Danny Black.

5. Do you have casting ideas for the potential Into the Woods movie? Bob Bullen does. Think Catherine Zeta-Jones as the Witch and Taylor Swift as Cinderella. The best: A dream casting of Milky White played by an unspecified member of the Kardashian family.

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