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Daley Speaks Out Against Concealed Gun Proposal

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley spoke out against a concealed weapons measure in the U.S. Senate Wednesday. Critics say it would have created a federal concealed carry law.

The proposal essentially would have forced most states to recognize concealed weapons laws from other states - even if the laws weren't as stringent as their own.

It fell just two votes shy of passing the U.S. Senate. Wednesday.

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is one of some 450 mayors who signed a statement against the proposal.

DALEY: You can't go around Washington, D.C., with a concealed weapon.  You'll get arrested.  You can't go see a federal judge.  You can't go into any federal building.  So why do they want to tell cities that the best answer to all our problems is to have more guns in people's homes?

Daley says it's "silly" that federal lawmakers are wrestling with concealed weapons laws when they should be trying to fix the economy.

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