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Did Scottie litter on national television? (and other random observations of Game 4)

What is this ATL AP photographer trying to say with this photo? (AP)

The Bulls head back to Chicago with a 2-2 split in the best-of-seven game semifinal series against the Atlanta Hawks. Game 5 will be on Tuesday at the United Center. The Bulls' two losses have showed a trend. The team is falling apart defensively and getting outplayed in the 4th quarter. The other two games were Bulls' blowouts. Last night, the 4th quarter consisted of Rose getting to the hoop and the rest of the Bulls out of position on defense.

In the first series, the Pacers exposed that same design (no D), but weren't good enough to apply the dagger. So the Bulls won close games and fans everywhere ordered more wings.

The announcers talked about how in Game 2, the Chicago fans booed Carlos Boozer. They were? Why? It's the playoffs. Booing is reserved for a team that is out of it - underachieving so poorly that they actually de-valued your ticket to the game. And then they stink it up on the field. Like if the Bears were 5-10 going into a final week at Soldier Field and in the freezing cold, Cutler throws four picks and the team gets blown out by the Lions. That's when you collectively boo. Not because a dude missed four or five shots in a playoff game. Would the Bulls' fans have booed Korver last night if the game were in Chicago?

It was kind of cool to hear Steve Kerr doing a Chicago Bulls' playoff game. He has some great memories and great moments with the Bulls. He's not the greatest color-commentator, but it was fun to hear him. Would I rather hear Stacey? Yes.

Years ago, Derrick Rose tattooed his mom's name on his hand. Gee, makes me feel pretty weak about the balloon bouquet I got my mom for Mother's Day. On closer inspection, D. Rose is covered in ink. Maybe Derrick Rose has a short term memory so he tattoos clues on his body, like Memento. Or maybe all his tattoos serve as a living map (or a code) to find the Holy Grail.

The Hawks have a bench player named Wilkins? Is he any relation to Dominique Wilkins? Probably not, because he flopped and missed a dunk at the buzzer before halftime. Very un-Dominique. And speaking of the Hawks, what is with the white-out at the stadium? I thought the Hawks' colors were red & yellow?

Who are the ATL celebrities that go to these Hawks games? Billy Donovan (Coach of Florida basketball) is your big draw? What, the guys from Outkast don't have season tickets?

If you were looking for Dominique moments, try Derrick Rose dunking his own miss last night. That was outstanding basketball. They should definitely make this guy MVP. MVP of tip-in dunks.

Finally, did Scottie litter on national television? They did a close-up on Pip during one of the time outs and he took a crumpled up napkin and just threw it behind his shoulder. My guess is that was not intended for a out of view waste basket, but more for the ground for someone else to pick up later. Classic.

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