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Digital pinhole photography

You may have noticed that today's Daily Photo looked a little weird. That's because it was taken with a pinhole camera. But this wasn't your traditional shoe-box-turned-photography-class-experiment. This was a state-of-the-art digital SLR camera. I'd never seen this technique before, so I asked the photographer, Jeremy Atherton, how he did it. Here's his explanation:

The pinhole technique is fairly simple. I bought a black body cap for my digital SLR camera and drilled a hole in it. I then got some brass tape (aluminum foil would work too) and made a pinhole in it with the smallest needle that I could find--it didn't push the needle all the way through, just enough to make a tiny round hole. I then stuck that on the back of the body cap over the hole that I had drilled. When I take pinhole shots I just take the lens off of my camera and replace it with the pinhole body cap. I put my camera on manual mode and take shots increasing the exposure time until I get a good exposure.

Check out his set of pinhole photos and be sure to submit your experiments to our Flickr pool.

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