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Elsewhere on the ballots...

Eyes are on California and the issue of gay marriage on the ballot, Proposition 8. The measure passed, making gay marriage illegal in California. It was the most expensive social-issue campaign in US history, costing both sides a combined total of $74 million.
The California animal welfare bill did pass, which will un-cramp cages for egg-laying chickens. Many in that industry have said this will cause the end of their business due to expenses involved in converting cages and processes and Californians will buy cheaper eggs from out-of-state. The measure to bar arrest for prostitution in San Diego failed. Police and city leaders have said it would make their fight against illegal sex trafficking that much harder, so prostitution stays a crime there. Elsewhere Colorado and South Dakota both had anti-abortion measures on the ballot and both were defeated. Colorado wanted voters to agree that life begins at conception and South Dakota was looking to ban abortion except in cases of rape, incest and serious health threat to the mother. Voters in Michigan and Massachusetts have decided to loosen their marijuana laws. In Michigan it became legal to use and grow small amounts of pot for medicinal purposes--users must register with the state. Folks in MA will no longer face criminal charges if caught with less than an ounce of pot. They'll have to fork over their stash to authorities and pay a $100 fine instead.

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