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Emanuel backs President Obama in the face of RNC criticism

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is hitting out at republicans who have been criticizing his former boss.

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney ridiculed President Barack Obama's handling of the economy and debt ceiling debate this week. He also released a video called "Obama Isn't Working: Chicago," that said Chicago's economy has been struggling since Mr. Obama took office.

But Emanuel said Romney "wanted to see [America] go bankrupt."

"I'd just like to note to the governor in case he needs a rendezvous with his record, when he was governor, Massachusetts was 47th out of 50 in job production," said Emanuel. "In case he forgot that, I'd like to remind him of that."

Emanuel also praised Obama for his willingness "to do the unpopular things, the necessary things, to keep this country moving forward."

"I have great admiration for his…willingness not to do the politically easy thing, to do the tough things," said Emanuel. "Many times, I can say that, because sometimes I was advising to do the politically easier thing to do, and he has rejected that advice, because it was not good for the country in the long run."

Emanuel was Mr. Obama's chief of staff before resigning to campaign for mayor of Chicago. President Obama was in Chicago Wednesday for two fundraisers in celebration of his 50th birthday, which is Thursday.

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