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Emanuel literally cleaning drug deal corners

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy are cleaning up corners where drug dealers are operating, literally cleaning them up.

The Chicago Police Department has been arresting drug dealers on targeted blocks. Speaking in Roseland, at a church on a 115th Street Tuesday morning, Mayor Emanuel said the city has been following those arrests with increased city services. 

“Okay, we'll go through it,” Emanuel said as he flipped through a list of what the city’s done on Michigan Avenue near the church. “In this area, since Friday's gang takedown, the city has provided 275 different services to build up the community from clearing vacant lots, cutting weeds to cleaning catch basins, cleaning graffiti, repairing street lights, sewer mains and potholes.”

Emanuel says the churches and communities need to step up to keep the dealers away.

McCarthy says the idea is to hold on to blocks. He says if the dealers aren't selling then eventually the drug buyers will have to go somewhere else too.

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