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Four recent incidents of possibly-pregnancy-induced bravery (or foolhardiness)


Would you stick your hand in there? (Photo courtesy of the author)


  1. My husband and I heard a woman screaming “Help me! Help me!” outside on the street. I grabbed my phone, ran down the stairs and out on the street, heading down Berwyn towards some people running away. I never saw what was going on but I called 9-1-1. Husband was mad at me but I figured every woman is obligated to try to help out another woman who is calling for help.

    Worst part of this decision: I did not put on my shoes.
  2. Five minutes later I was sitting on the floor, petting the dog, when a huge bug ran by. Normally I would reach for something to smash it with, but moving around is hard these days so I just smashed it with my hand.

    Worst part of this decision: Nothing in particular, just general grossness.
  3. Three days later my husband called me upstairs in a panic: Apparently our dog was choking on a biscuit and seizing up in terror. I stuck my hand down my dog’s throat to clear his airway.

    Worst part of this decision: Our panicking dog weighs 80 pounds and has all his teeth.
  4. One day later I was tired and officially full-term it was raining and I got on the bus where there were no empty seats. “I'm sorry, but can I please have a seat?” I asked loudly towards some young people sitting in the priority seats. I got a seat.  

    Worst part of this decision: People on the CTA tend to be insane.

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