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Frigid Temperatures Won't Stop Some Artists

This morning's sub-zero wind chill will probably keep a lot of people indoors. But some artists in downtown Chicago welcome the frigid weather.

Gordon Halloran and his crew are working outside in Chicago's Millenium Park handling cold slabs of ice. They're building a large colorful ice wall for a new exhibit, Paintings Below Zero. It seems a little counterintuitive to work like this in nostril freezing temperatures.

HALLORAN: That's the whole point is that it's counterintuitive, I think. That's how we get something completely different going.

Halloran says the cold is good for his art, but workers need to take plenty of breaks to stay warm.

HALLORAN: Keep the tea or the water going inside your system because your body's working like crazy to stay warm, uses up a lot of energy. And we're also working with a lot of adrenaline pumping here.

Freezing temperatures aren't necessary for the workers to continue building the piece. A refrigeration system keeps the ice wall from melting. It'll open to the public February 1.

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