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Fun with newspapers: Which of these is not like the others? None- they're exactly the same

I sit right by our newspaper stacks at WBEZ. So I'm able to see all of the local papers and their front pages everyday. I've amassed quite a folder of interesting material, but I need to get rid of these photos so I can download the new Pirates of the Carribean movie. So here ya go. Fun with newspapers:

1) A couple Sundays back, the Chicago Tribune went with this fake home page that wrapped the paper: 

It turned out it was all designed for this big ad for Lunchables.

Don't worry adults, the Trib had you covered with more mature ads inside the real paper:

2) The Sun-Times switched out their Oprah cover after her big show at the UC. The eary edition had Oprah hugging Tom Cruise. But the news of the day prompted an editor to switch out the photo with Oprah hugging Maria Shriver even though it wasn't as good compositionally. I guess news trumps aesthetics at the Sun-Times.

3) The Getty photographer who took this gruesome photo of the Missouri tornado should note in her portfolio that she hit up the big three in one day. Which of these is not like the others? None- they're exactly the same.


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