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Give me a job, please!: Librarian, filmmaker and super-villain paraphernalia collector

Please welcome job-seeker MG Farrelly to the "Give me a job, please!" series.‚  Thoughts, ideas, leads for him, post away. (If you're currently unemployed and want to be a part of this series, email us here.) Name: MG Farrelly Looking for work as: Librarian, working with young adults and kids of all ages. I'm also a freelance writer and editor with a Master's in History and another in Library Science. If you were to describe your dream job to a small child, what would you say? I'd use the medium of storytelling. "There once was a history major named MG, who loved to story Caliphs and Fatimids but could not find much work doing that. So MG went to library school and learned the ways of Dewey, LOC, and OCLC. With a head full of learning MG wants to work somewhere he can tell stories, teach about history, help people answer questions, organize information, and make the world a smarter, more well-read place" This story would be illustrated by Mo Willems and I would provide a number of funny voices for the audio edition. Are New Yorker cartoons ever funny, and if so, when? Yes, but only when they are Charles Addams cartoons. Or if you cover up the caption and make up your own. Where do you want to be in 5 years? Knee-deep in books and helping people bail out fast. I'd love to be working in a library setting, developing programming for children and young adults. Designing spaces for young adults. Or working on "This American Life" as their chief archivist. I'd also like to be just a couple inches taller, but that's just wishful thinking. If you could choose one book that everyone would have to read before their 21st birthday, what would it be? That's a truly hard question. Every reader finds a book and vice versa. In terms of sheer universality, I don't think you can beat Dante's "Divine Comedy". Action, violence, love, passion, revenge, joy, madness, poetry, history and a love story all wrapped in what is almost assuredly the world's longest poison pen letter. Dante ground up all his axes and turned the into a story people will still be reading when the sun goes dark. But as a librarian, I would have to give you at least three books for your birthday. I would add Umberto Eco's "Foucault's Pendulum" because it is a mystery that you will only unravel by living and Neil Gaiman's "American Gods" which will make you want to explore the whole of America trying to understand just a little bit of it. What else should we know about you? I have a tireless commitment to getting young adults excited about libraries, programming, and reading. It comes from my own life being saved by the librarians at the Albany Park branch of the Chicago Public Library. I've produced six short films with a small film company. I write a column for "Public Libraries" magazine. I have somehow amassed a collection of super-villain paraphernalia (including the hat I'm wearing in my photo). I once dressed as Willy Wonka for a program and also as Professor Snape, neither of whom I resemble at all. I am a sucker for fancy sushi and very cold diet coke.

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