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What is it? 
For the first time in 10 years, WBEZ 91.5FM is launching a concerted marketing effort. The goal is to introduce a new generation of potential fans to the station in a “tongue-in-cheek” way that cuts through advertising clutter and stops them in their tracks. Basically, looking twenty years in the future, we will need more listeners to continue as a strong institution in the Chicago region. There are lots of ways to solve this problem, but we figured we should go straight to the source - asking interesting people to hook up with interesting people and make more interesting people.

Who is it for?
We are primarily focused on interesting young people who have yet to settle down. These young people may, one day, decide to have children and naturally these children will also be interesting. We want these kids to become listeners and members. That said, if any person who lives in the Chicago area wants to listen in and eventually become a member too – as long as they are interesting – we are okay with that.

Wait, I can’t/don’t want/don’t want people to tell me to…make babies.
We understand. We would just ask you to understand that (as long as you are interesting) we still want you to be a part of our public radio community no matter who this particular campaign is primarily focused on. Whether you have children, don’t have children, can’t look at children without throwing up a little in your mouth and thinking about all the germs they carry - as long as you are interesting - we are interested in you.

Wait, I don’t like the sound of this. I think you are trying promote overpopulation, eugenics and/or a hetrosexist agenda…
I’m sorry you feel that way. Seriously we are not interested in promoting any of those topics unless in the context of a rigorous debate. We are, however, interested in having more people listen to WBEZ 91.5, visit, come to an event we are hosting and use our apps to get depth and context that is hard to find in any other media in the Chicago area.               

Wait, this doesn’t seem like the WBEZ I’ve come to know and love…
Oh dear, I hope not. I know we can be pretty serious a lot of the time – there are a lot of serious issues out there that we are very interested in discussing - but hopefully we can have fun sometimes too?

I still don’t like it.
Okay. I am sorry. Can you tell me why? I’ll make sure that the boss of the person who put this together finds out you don’t like it and we’ll see what happens to them….

Wait, on second thought – this is kind of funny. Can I share this or be a part of it?
By all means! Take the “Interesting assessment” to verify that you are interesting, meet other curious people and sample some great WBEZ stories from the last year. When you are there you can share the link with someone you know that might be interesting and might like us as well.





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