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How Much Do You Think CPS Teachers Make?

As the Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Public Schools continue bargaining over a contract to avoid a teacher strike, salaries (and what counts as take home pay) are at the center of discussions. How much money are we talking about? 

Quiz yourself and see what others guessed: 

What do you think the yearly starting salary of a CPS teacher is? 

“[I’m a] social worker, so they make about 20 percent more than [I] do. I’d say like $50,000, which I would kill for -- so jealous.” - Patrick Gehrlich

“I have no idea what they make. [My teachers] always told me they weren’t satisfied with their wage.” - Mario Carbajal

“I’ve heard throughout the years that teachers don’t get paid what they should get paid, so I guessed $35,000.” - Troya Belk

“I know they start at much more than they used to. And I know that if you stay in for a while -- I have friends that have been in for 30 years, they’re making close to $80,000. So it’s pretty profitable.” - Christine Scibetta


What do you think the average yearly salary of a CPS teacher is?

“I would say [they] make at least $50,000. I mean if they’ve been teaching at least three years they should be making in that range.” - Barbara Harvey

“I heard on the news that the average salary is $75,000. I would say that’s not too bad.” - Elizabeth Motyka


Do you think CPS teachers make enough?

“I don’t think that they need a raise. Knowing the average salary, I feel like they’re being compensated.” - John Czapkowicz

"Teachers teach history, they teach art, they teach all these different things that makes a person well-rounded. If everything just becomes about money [and] we don’t value teaching, then what happens is there are no values, none of what’s expressed in our humanity is appreciated." - Kirk Stevens

"It’s so much money out here that’s being spent on frivolous, not important things. I think the teachers should get a raise, I think they should get paid what they deserve to be paid. Teaching is a hard job; it’s an important job. - Troya Belk

“With the way the kids are now and the graduation rates, 100 grand wouldn’t be enough I think.” - Christine Scibetta

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