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If Blagojevich didn't get pinched, would he be mulling a run for mayor?

Top story:‚  If you are Danny Davis or Mike Quigley and you just got a visit from Dr. Death (also known as Rahmbo), wouldn't you take note of what just happened after Rahm met with the last congressman? I have a feeling we will hear this speech from every congressman who wanted to run for mayor:
"After much thought and consulting with friends and family, I've decided that there is much more work to be done here in the_____ congressional district. My time and talents can be better used serving the constituents of this fine district. The ______ district! I look forward to working with whoever the next mayor is to move this great city forward. Thank you (play Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow - Fleetwood Mac).
Lynn Sweet's column today dedicated a few lines to what the parties drank at the meeting. Davis = ice water. Quigley = lemonade. If I were meeting with Rahm, I would have got there early and pounded a few Long Island ice teas, just to take the edge off. You know, so we could talk real. I'm starting to suffer from Rahm exhaustion. There will be a time when he announces and we'll have to jump like crazy to report it. So I guess I have to stay mentally sharp to not be lulled into "didn't this already happen?" territory. B story:‚  Here's some cud to chew on: If Blagojevich never ran into federal corruption charges and he was still sitting governor, would he be lining up for a mayoral run? He says on the tapes that he didn't like the job of governor and we all know that he married into the Mell family dynasty... C story:‚  Did you see Feder's column today about CBS forcing local affiliates to give the Hawaii weather during their morning shows? It was a gimmick to promote the new fall show "Hawaii 5-0." That's just deplorable. I don't think it's the first or last time, but that would be like NPR telling WBEZ that they have to do a story on Car Talk. Or worse, a quirky story on eccentric brothers that fix cars over the phone. And if you are looking for another story Rob, just tune into CLTV all day long. It's on the TV in the City Room, right in my view, all day long. Half of the stories are recycled info-mercials about spray-tans. I wonder if someone up top owns stock in spray-tan companies? Weather: It's hot again? Great. I wore a turtleneck and wool sweater. Now I'm hot. Luckily I have my Bud-Light Bud Bowl V shirt on underneath. Sports: This story in the Chi Trib today talks up how the coaching staff from last Sunday's game made in-game adjustments.‚  This article comes out four days after every Bears fan in America already noticed that. The Sun-Times has it right - how does Bears DB Charles Tillman cause all those fumbles? Tenacity? Luck? Long arms? Kicker:‚  Robbie Gould v. Brad Maynard. Discuss.

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