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If this blog were a 10pm newscast, this is how it would play out today.

Consider this your morning assignment meeting for the blog. Let's go people! Simmer down... What's in the news this morning... Lead Story: Durbin concedes that there may need to be compromises to the Health Care bill. Could someone please tell me what this means? If there is no public option, what exactly is being reformed? Is it just adjusting the costs? Does this still mean health care for all Americans? Please enlighten me. B Story: So I didn't make the cut on the CBS 2 news last night. Derrick Blakely did a story on the Letters to Santa program at the USPS and he asked me about it when I dropped off a present. Maybe it was because I ended every sound bite with a stare to the camera, a thumbs up and saying, "Hey Chicago! I love you! Bring back Johnny B!"‚  The story ended up being about the new laws to protect privacy of children's names and addresses on the letters. You missed a better angle: why are all the letters asking for DSi, iPhones and $300 brand-name clothing items? And what's with the letters from 24 year olds? Blakely, you'll get em next time. Speaking of Channel 2, what do we think of the new Rob Johnson "commercial-TV-does-Chicago-Tonight" format? Feature: Here's my feature for the day. With all the integrity questions about Avatar on Fox sports and the product placement circus that is NBC/TBS, don't you start to think twice about some of the content that we just figured was content and nothing more? I was watching Letterman last night and he did two straight bits (including straight video promotion) on Invictus. Funny enough, I guess. But why 2? And why so benign? Are Letterman and CBS getting paid to do jokes now? Work products into monologues? I pray that's not the case, but nothing would surprise me now. Weather: It's cold. Sports: As much as I want to ride the Lovie train out of town, my brother came to his defense. He said the job of a head coach is to manage the game and make decisions to put your team in a position to win. Besides maybe 3 blow-out losses, the Bears have had the chance to win the game in the final minutes of the 4th quarter of almost every game. A Cutler pick or a defensive letdown sometimes isn't the head coach's problem. It might be the players or the coaches, but not the head coach. He did his job. So we are excited that the Bulls lost to the Lakers at home?‚  "Silver Lining for the Bulls" is the headline in the Sun-Times. It's a moral victory. Right, I remember all those moral victories when Jordan was playing. Come on. Seriously? Kicker: Are you into Beluga whale births? And Morrisey? Andrew Gill goes UGC on us...

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