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Illinois pols swear they aren't communists

Three quarters of the candidates in Illinois for the U.S. House have signed a loyalty oath to the United States. The optional form, submitted along with ballot paperwork, asks candidates to swear they're not communists.


You can rest assured that candidates signing the oath don't plan to teach or advocate for the overthrow of the government, and that they're not affiliated with any communist groups or communist-front groups.

The oath used to be mandatory, but a federal court decision four decades ago made it optional. And while communism isn't much of a campaign topic these days, the loyalty oath is still popular.

The signees, according to the state election board, include 56 current candidates for Congress in Illinois, including all incumbents except for Bobby Rush and Jan Schakowsky.

"As a loyal American I did not submit a loyalty oath because it is an unconstitutional vestige of McCarthyism and a direct violation of the fundamental values that make America great," Schakowsky explained in a statement.

Three of Illinois' four state legislative leaders signed the loyalty oath, with Senate President John Cullerton the only exception.

A signed oath was included among the paperwork by two presidential candidates on the ballot in Illinois: former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and the former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum. The others who filed - President Barack Obama, Texas U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and former Louisiana Gov. Charles "Buddy" Roemer - did not turn in the loyalty oath.

WHO SIGNED IT? Full list from election board (PDF)


Illinois U.S. House DistrictCandidateLoyalty Oath
1* Bobby L. Rush (D)Not filed
1Clifford M. Russell, Jr. (D)Filed
1Jordam Sims (D)Filed
1Fred Smith (D)Filed
1Raymond M. Lodato (D)Not filed
1Harold L. Bailey (D)Filed
1Frederick Collins (R)Filed
1Donald E. Peloquin (R)Filed
1Jimmy Lee Tillman II (R)Not filed
2* Jesse L. Jackson, Jr. (D)Filed
2Deborah "Debbie" Halvorson (D)Filed
2James H. Taylor, Sr. (R)Not filed
2Brian Woodworth (R)Filed
3* Daniel William Lipinski (D)Filed
3Farah Baqai (D)Filed
3Arthur J. Jones (R)Filed
3Richard L. Grabowski (R)Filed
3Jim Falvey (R)Filed
4* Luis V. Gutierrez (D)Filed
5* Mike Quigley (D)Filed
5Dan Schmitt (R)Filed
6Leslie Coolidge (D)Not filed
6Geoffrey Petzel (D)Filed
6Tim Ritter (D)Not filed
6Maureen E. Yates (D)Filed
6* Peter J. Roskam (R)Filed
7Jacques A. Conway (D)Filed
7* Danny K. Davis (D)Filed
8Raja Krishnamoorthi (D)Filed
8Tammy Duckworth (D)Not filed
8Robert Gregory Canfield (R)Not filed
8Richard Evans (R)Not filed
8* Joe Walsh (R)Filed
9* Janice D. Schakowsky (D)Not filed
9Simon Ribeiro (D)Not filed
9Timothy C. Wolfe (R)Filed
9Susanne Atanus (R)Not filed
10Vivek Bavda (D)Filed
10Brad Schneider (D)Not filed
10Ilya Sheyman (D)Filed
10John Tree (D)Filed
10Aloys Rutagwibira (D)Not filed
10* Robert Dold (R)Filed
11Bill Foster (D)Filed
11Jim Hickey (D)Filed
11Juan Thomas (D)Filed
11* Judy Biggert (R)Filed
11John A. "Jack" Cunningham (R)Filed
11Diane M. Harris (R)Filed
12Brad Harriman (D)Filed
12Christopher Miller (D)Filed
12Kenneth Charles Weizer (D)Filed
12Rodger Cook (R)Filed
12Jason Plummer (R)Filed
12Theresa Kormos (R)Filed
12Teri Newman (R)Not filed
13David M. Gill (D)Filed
13Matthew J. Goetten (D)Filed
13Michael Firsching (R)Not filed
13* Tim Johnson (R)Filed
13Frank L. Metzger (R)Filed
14Dennis Anderson (D)Filed
14Jonathan Farnick (D)Not filed
14* Randy M. Hultgren (R)Filed
15Angela Michael (D)Not filed
15* John M. Shumkus (R)Filed
16* Adam Kinzinger (R)Filed
16* Donald A. Manzullo (R)Filed
17Greg Aguilar (D)Filed
17Cheri Bustos (D)Filed
17George Gaulrapp (D)Filed
17* Bobby Schilling (R)Filed
18Steve Waterworth (D)Not filed
18Matthew A. Woodmancy (D)Filed
18* Aaron Schock (R)Filed
18Darrel Miller (R)Not filed

(* indicates incumbent member of Congress)

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