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Is Bill Brady's "I'll protect you" ad the creepiest in Illinois history?

Top story:‚  WBEZ's Sam Hudzik was on C-Span today talking about the IL senate and gubernatorial races.‚  I wonder if he talked about Bill Brady's TV ad where he flashes that weird smile and says "As your governor, I'll protect you." B story: Scott Lee Cohen sent out a press release yesterday saying:
"Perhaps no Illinois candidate has racked up more campaign road miles than Cohen. "I've put over a hundred and fifty miles on the SUV over the past two years as I have gone all over this great state meeting and talking firsthand with the voters."
Um, 150 miles? So you went to Dekalb and back? Please tell me you stopped at Chick-Fil-A in Aurora. C story:‚  How ya feeling Chicago marathoners? I talked with Tony Sarabia today and he gave me the rundown. Toe, knee, calves and unmentionable areas are in disrepair. Now is the time the media should be doing stories on the marathon (like this one by Peter Sagal). As it creeps out of our media consciousness, you know runners are feeling it today. D story: Crain's had a great story on the lawsuit surrounding the foreclosure papers for the Spire. The papers were filed a few weeks ago and Crains went with the story yesterday on Columbus Day. Genius. Why? Because all the papers and media outlets (us included) couldn't confirm the story through the government agencies because they were closed for the holiday. So all the news outlets had to source Crains. So we do what we do best: further the story. Weather: Fog! Sports: The New York Daily News is reporting that the Bulls are looking into the story of the alleged accident that has sidelined Carlos Boozer. He fractured his hand after allegedly tripping over a duffel bag in his home. He is out until January. WBEZ's Cheryl Raye Stout covers the Bulls daily. So I asked her over e-mail if there was any truth to that story:
Published reports claimed that the Bulls are looking into the manner in which forward Carlos Boozer injured his hand. The Bulls emphatically refute that story. An upper management source told me that they ‚ are not investigating the manner. The source also said they have called the reporter and told him that the story was false. And a simple phone call would have ended the suspicion of whether Boozer's fall over a gym bag had more to it. The source said he has talked with Jerry Reinsdorf and the Bulls owner is not looking into either.
There ya have it. Kicker: The SF Giants advance to the next round of the MLB playoffs. The team has adopted Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" as their official theme song of the 2010 playoffs. After much debate in the City Room, my point still stands: Hands off San Fran. That belongs to the White Sox. Listen, I know every sports team in the world uses that song, but once it hits "official" and "anthem" stage for a team, it is theirs. The White Sox brought Steve Perry on the field for their WS celebration. That song should NOT be used for another team's playoff run. I'll give you pump-up music in late innings. I'll give you the use of it in Detroit (South Detroit line). I'll even let the crowds sing along during wins. But to use it officially as your anthem? Wrong.

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