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Is Chicago the new and improved New York City?

It's Monday.

Top story: Chicago. Right now, the City of Chicago is getting the four-star treatment from the national media. Rahm Emanuel's announcement about resigning as White House chief of staff was the top story on the national news, all with an eye towards Chicago and the mayoral race. During Saturday Night Live (Saturday night), their sketches included references to Rahm and the Chi mayor job, prominent sketches from Chicago newbies and musical guest Kanye West. Not to mention commercials for the new Versus channel (Blackhawks) and Sunday Night Football (Bears). And last night during the Bears game, NBC went out of their way to show footage of Chicago (and the obvious deep dish pizza shot) while the game was going on in NEW YORK! I'm telling you right now, Chicago is aspiring to new heights, like never before. No longer are we a blues piano afterthought. Right now, Chicago is the place to be.‚  And we don't have an outbreak of bedbugs (not yet, anyway). Chicago: New York with alleys. B story: Jim DeRogatis is back on the Lollapalooza trail after some journalists in Texas started poking around C3 and the benefit (or lack thereof) that the Austin City Limits festival has for the city of Austin. They point to Chicago as a city that is getting a fair share of the profits from another big festival, Lollapalooza. But Jim says, not so fast. If you do the simple math, Chicago and the taxpayers are getting short-changed. C story: Did you see the story about the CPS secretly reviewing and evaluating teachers? I had a hard time wrapping my head around that story - but then I watched Ken Davis' review show on CAN-TV, featuring our very own reporter Linda Lutton. I have the embed code, but I'll just link to it. That's a fair compromise because Linda told me, and I quote, "If you put that on the blog Kaufmann, I'll kill ya." So it's up to you to take the link and put it on your Tumblr, put it on your Facebook, retweet it and/or buy time on CBS 2 after midnight. D story: So is Riccardo Muti today's Jeremy Piven? The new head of the Chicago Symphany Orchestra, who we were all very excited to have in Chicago, has withdrawn from his CSO residency due to health reasons. Did he even do a show? He did one at Millennium Park, but none at Symphony Hall. The PR team has to be scrambling today as this was the big draw that was going to put the CSO back on the map. Ouch. Weather: Now it's getting a tad too cold. It's sad, watching the summer fade away. Sports: Boozer is out for 8 weeks with a fractured hand. At least get in a fight if you are going to fracture a hand. Don't do it in practice. But don't fret Bulls fans, the season doesn't really start til January anyway. I'm working on a big Bears post for later, so I'll defer comments for now on one of the worst games in Chicago Bears history. The Cubs and Sox are done. Put out of their 2010 misery. The Cubs want their interim manager back. The Sox, well, I think the Sox just need a vacation. Kicker: Kanye on SNL. Like or hate em, this is damn interesting. Great stuff. I can't find the embed, but here's the link.

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