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Is Mayor Daley advertently (or inadvertently) calling out President Obama?

I'm going to start calling this daily blog post: Hot Breakfast.‚  I usually have it ready by early morning now, so maybe you can read it while you are eating your canned peaches. Let's begin: A story: Our story on Mayor Daley calling out the lack of anti-war protests has a bit of momentum. I thought this comment from Cheryl Noel was intriguing:
As absurd as his comments were/are to anyone who has been paying attention to his position on the war and the anti-war movement, I too stood and applauded for them. As the author of this article also acknowledges, his comments were seemingly genuine -- and personally I don't care what motivated them, selfish or not. The real issue for me, is that this was the first time I have heard anyone publically denounce Obama's war policies...
She goes on to attack Obama's campaign promises and misspell publicly a few more times, but she has a valid point: Is this Daley siding with progressives displeased with Obama's presidency, namely his war policies? Is Daley breaking ranks and taking on the President? With the Obama staff gunning for his job (denial here) and now his son going back into war, is a fight a brewin'? B story: I'm confused. So CTA buses can actually go slower? C story: Gotta love Feder. Today's post is all about what to do if Pam Zekman calls you. That would be a weird scene to pick up your phone and have it be Pam Zekman. If it happened to me, I would think she would be calling about how I once shook the vending machine and two bags of chips came out. It has been haunting me. Also, Robert, can you please do a post telling me what to do when Mark Saxenmeyer tweets? Entertainment: Awesome photos from the Mos Def and Doom show. Interesting theories abound about whether or not Doom sent an impostor to perform for him. I can't tell if this is a hilarious joke (because he performs in a mask) or if this is really an issue. I think I just got old. Weather: I thought this weekend was nice enough for the weather. Even though it was cold, when the wind wasn't blowing it was actually bearable. I think this is a suitable winter temperature. Sports: Vancouver 2010 is in high gear. Which means I watched 45 minutes of pair skating last night. HD is ruining figure skating. Yeah, I said it. You can see the flesh colored body-suits sticking out of arm sockets‚  and the weird leggings/pantyhose go over the skate. It's too close. Also, you really do see the close-up on the makeup disasters these skaters have been subjected to.‚  And they are all 16. I'd rather watch Nascar. Kicker: Andrew got this from someone. It's a new viral video (that you probably saw over the weekend). It's the latest sensation - a really young Spanish rapper. I mean, like elementary school. It's gross how good he is playing this character...

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