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It seems Rahm's listening tour is working. Luis Guitierrez heard it loud and clear.

This comes from mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel:
"Luis and I are friends who worked together on important issues for Chicago as colleagues in Congress.‚  He has always brought passion and ideas to the conversation about the city's future, and while he has announced that he is not running for Mayor, he will continue to be a respected leader with a powerful voice in our community.‚  As we discussed today on the phone, we look forward to continuing to work together as we strive for the best way to address our city's challenges."
In otherwords, Rahm's listening tour is working. Luis listened. Also, here is Miguel Del Valle's statement:
I just received a phone call from‚ Congressman Luis Gutierrez‚ to let me know that he is not running for mayor. I am very very pleased to know that he has decided to stay in congress to fight until we get comprehensive‚ immigration reform‚ accomplished. Luis has become the number one leader on this issue at the national level, and when that legislation gets signed into law, he will be known as one of the‚ great leaders‚ our time. Luis said that he has kept a close eye on our campaign and that he likes what he sees. He is not committed to anyone at this point, but will talk to me about my candidacy at a later date.

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