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It's official. Google now controls your every experience. This time it's fashion.

If you're like me, when you think of Google, you think of a lot of folks in jeans and t-shirts, maybe the occasional untucked button down. You know, the uniform of Silicon Valley. You certainly don't think fashion.

Well, today Google is launching a new site, and no, it isn't a new way to stalk your ex, Facebook did that yesterday. Instead, it's The new site allows people to shop from collections "curated" by celebrities or mavens or bloggers.

For example, if you want to dress like Mary Kate Olsen, you click on her store, and it shows all the different things that are her favorites. Like, say a $280 dollar Alexander McQueen shirt or if you're a Jane Krakowski fan, she recommends a $540 dollar crepe knock front drape dress. Or if you want, you can start your own curated boutique and get followers of your own.

From the NYT:

It is also a source of inspiration. In every boutique on the site, there are dozens of additional choices inspired by a designer’s or celebrity’s style — generated by algorithms — with product photos that are much larger and sharper than on other shopping sites. And if you don’t know how to wear the leopard pumps you just bought, there’s a panel of street-style photos on the right side of the site that visualizes the shoes in more expressive modes. Indeed, whatever your style preference — classic, romantic, casual — the inspiration panel automatically adjusts for them, like a support group that can read your mind with surprising precision.

In a way, it could make your life easier. Don't know what to wear today? Google your closet. That's how it begins. Copyright 2010 National Public Radio.

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