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Jimmy Carrane interviews Andy Dick

Thanks to everyone who pledged their support to Chicago Public Radio this past drive. We made our goal. It's bittersweet because when pledge drive comes around, everyone wants to help out with video bits and fun projects for the blog. When it's over, the staff retreats into curmudgeon-ville. So watch closely as I attempt to pry them from their work in the next few weeks. Because remember, in my mind - it's pledge drive every day. We have a ton of stories lined up this week. We will also be introducing a new contributor! He's very annoying. JIMMY CARRANE AND ANDY DICK = 1993? Jimmy Carrane had Andy Dick on his show-within-a-show "Studio 312". It's really great to have Jimmy and this show because many probably know this but Jimmy was a big player at the Annoyance Theater back in the 90's. So he knows all these comedy cats personally. That's the great thing about a lot of our contributors, they've made great in-roads in their respective fields and now are sharing that with us. Jimmy should be in Hollywood, struggling to make it. But instead he struggles to make radio here. Wait...that came out wrong. Here's a great little video gem of Jimmy back in the day with some comedy notables.

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