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Like Running from a Really Slow Bear...

Those who are fans of the ever popular Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! know Peter Sagal for his acerbic wit, his quick comedic timing, and his ability to offend both Conservatives and Liberals by making fun of their core beliefs every week.  REAL fans of the show also know that its host is an avid runner.  Like, a real "I run marathons" and "I've been featured in running magazines" kind of runner.  The idea that you might see him running on the streets of Oak Park or Chicago or along Lake Michigan are favorable but you will never catch him.  He's fast.

Our CPM Marketing Director, Vanessa Harris, is a runner.  I am capable of running if pressed but prefer to lift things as my form of exercise.  Which means if Peter, Vanessa and I were attacked by a marauding bear, the two of them would run and I would lift a heavy stone and throw it at the bear.  Or something like that.  Peter runs frequently sans bear but he doesn't publicize (or even live tweet) his location or route.

On the other hand, on September 10th (Tuesday) you can join Peter for a low-key 5K run in downtown Chicago.  For $35.00 (early registration until September 1st, then it goes up to $45.00 so get it in early) you get to run (or 'jog" in my case) a pre-determined 5K route alongside Peter with food and beverages after in the park.  There will be prizes for a select few (including VIP passes to WWDTM) but everyone gets a t-shirt with a caricature of Peter Sagal that can also be used for any Hunter S. Thompson events or Adlai Stevenson rallies.

Go HERE for more information and links to register for the run.

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