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Jim DeRogatis

Linksomania: Special video frivolity edition!

Now, finishing with our catch-up on links of note, Pop N Stuff presents a special all-video edition (whee!), starting with a clip brought to our attention by Chicago stand-up comic Chad Briggs and video genius Peter Stepnoski of Think Tank Comedy, posing the very timely question: “Down on your luck? Looking for a new career? Want unlimited earning potential? Perhaps it is time you consider an exciting new career as a Doors tribute band!”

Next up, this blog might be a bit late getting around to the “Band Reunion at the Wedding” skit, which first aired on Saturday Night Live last year, but it finally caught up when Chicago’s venerated Drag City label recently released a 7-inch single by the fictional Crisis of Conformity, a.k.a. Windy City ex-pat Fred Armisen. (The comedian talks about it all in this chat with Papermag.) If you don’t think this is hysterically funny, well, you just had to be there back in the ’80s.

Moving right along, Soul Punk, the debut solo album by former Fall Out Boy frontman (er, frontboy?) Patrick Stump didn’t do much for this listener, but his one-man a cappella medley of fellow Chicago native Kanye West’s greatest hits is mightly impressive indeed.

The last two strictly are for my fellow drum geeks out there. Veteran Chicago drummer and teacher Terry Keating, who’s celebrating the release of his debut solo album, recently shared the link to his YouTube channel BONZOLEUM, devoted of course to the signature rhythms of Led Zeppelin’s late, great John Bonham. (Need we say more?) Here he is demonstrating that impossible intro and almost as impressive ending solo from “Rock and Roll.”

Finally, there's this: Part of an effort to "explore the world of vibration at 1,000 frames per second" (and many more examples can be found at, this is what a cymbal hit looks like on super-high-speed video. Wow!

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