Local Toy Store Owners Aren’t Playing Around

Local Toy Store Owners Aren’t Playing Around

Millions of tainted toys have been recalled and some local toy store owners are hearing from their concerned customers. For Chicago Public Radio, Eric Schaffer reports.


Mattel is recalling toys made in China with lead paint. It is also recalling toys with tiny magnets.

Nancy Stanick owns Toys Et Cetera in Chicago. She says in her 30 years in the business, her customers have never been more worried.

STANICK: I’ve always been concerned about this issue and I think my customers have and so, yes, they are on a heightened alert sort of like the government and their red alert. We’re on red alert.

Kathy Burns, owns My Favorite Toy Store in Downers Grove. She says customers are asking where the toys come from.

BURNS: We’ve had people come in and ask: Do you carry toys that are not made in China?

Both owners say they’ve pulled recalled toys from their shelves.

For Chicago Public Radio, I’m Eric Schaffer.