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Mayoral education questionnaires

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Gery Chico

This isn’t about politics, it’s about doing the best job we can for our kids. 

Miguel Del Valle

We need to invest public resources in a way that ensures that every neighborhood school is a quality school.

Rahm Emanuel

I approach every education decision with one question: how do we better educate our children.


 Carol Moseley Braun

I support having somebody with a proven track record in education to lead the school system.


Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins

I believe in creating as many opportunities as possible for our students to have access to a quality public education. 


 William "Doc" Walls, III

Our objective is provide a superior public school education for each and every individual child.



The Questions:

Do you want control of the Chicago Public Schools? If so, how should Board of Education members be selected? Should some of them be elected?

Do you believe the chief executive officer of the Chicago Public Schools should be an educator? Why or why not? What are the main qualities you would look for?

Should the School Board conduct a national search for a new schools chief?

Chicago has the shortest school day among large, urban districts. What would you do about that?

CPS is looking at another enormous deficit for the 2011-2012 school year – under the teachers’ union contract, salaries are scheduled to rise another 4 percent, and federal stimulus money will be gone. How do you get out of that mess?

Would you support the closing of low-performing and under-enrolled schools? Why or why not?

Would you support the continued expansion of charter schools in Chicago? Why or why not?

Do think it is it too hard to fire bad teachers who have tenure? If so, what do you think should be done about that?

Should seniority govern teacher layoffs? If not, how would you recommend that future layoffs be handled?

In New York and Los Angeles, controversy has erupted over whether teacher evaluations should be made public or shared with parents. Is that a good idea? Would you push to share evaluations with parents in Chicago?

Do schools have a role in stopping youth violence?  If so, what should schools do, and how would you support their efforts?

What would success with your education agenda look like at the end of your first term?

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