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Mexico vs. Argentina: Preview and prognosis

Oh, who cares about this game! When it comes to Argentina, there is only one thing to talk about - are they going to win it all? Right now is the perfect time to talk about this. Once the quarterfinal pairings are determined, the discussion will turn to "can Argentina beat A, B, and C." But now, when we still don't know who A, B, and C will be, we can think about whether Argentina is the best in the world. There is Messi and Tevez, and bonkers Maradona in charge. Or is he really not bonkers? Does it even matter any more? Plus, there is my favorite - Higuain. Just say it with me - Eeh-Gwah-Een. Say it a few more times - Eeh-Gwah-Een, Eeh-Gwah-Een, Eeh-Gwah-Een. Higuain scored a hat-trick against South Korea. Maradona loves him so much, he let him sit on the bench for the Greece game, just to make sure he is good and ready for the elimination round. He also loves 36-year-old prodigal son Martin Palermo, who plays 10-minute stints and always scores. At the same time, Maradona does not need to worry about the Demichelis/Samuel pairing in central defense, because they are always on guard. So, Argentina had better win it all. You want them to win it all, if only because you want more of that Eeh-Gwah-Een. Oh, and about this game. Four years ago, these same teams met in the round of 16. Argentina won on a beaut by savior Maxi Rodriguez. This time, Maxi is not even making starting lineup. On the other hand, Mexico is resorting to the over-the-hill no-neck Cuauhtemoc Blanco for lack of better playmaking options. If I were Mexico, I would close my eyes and pray for daylight. Prognosis: Argentina in 4

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