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Mission #63: Grip it (or why life is like the game of basketball)



This week's mission begins with a very short (half-page) piece.  So please click here to read "Grip It" before moving on to our mission specifics.

* * *

Some of you may know (or just put two and two together) that Paris is my daughter.  

"Grip It" is something she wrote for herself, in her journal.  She ultimately shared it with me over breakfast a couple months ago. And I was blown away. (Partly because that's just in my job description as mom, but also because, well, I think she's composed something meaningful here.)

I've been wondering ever since: what's the best way to share this with others who might really enjoy and appreciate it?  How could I do this without being icky-pushy-braggy-mom-ish?  How could I do this while still respecting Paris' quiet modesty? 


And by doing this as a surprise for her 14th birthday, which is Wednesday March 9th!

So here's the idea:

If you are so moved/inclined (meaning you liked the piece and see value in it) then you could simply pass it along to friends/family/co-workers, share it with your kids' sport coaches, share it with your students (for the teachers/librarians in the crowd), post it on your facebook page, post it on your own blog, tweet it, or even just tack it up in your kitchen...anything!   

Whatever you end up doing, please let me know in our cozy comment section below by Wednesday end of day.  Then Wednesday night, during our family birthday dinner, I'm going to share all this with her and let her know how many people were touched by what she wrote.

Thank you all so much.  

Again, here's the link to "Grip It."

gratefully yours,







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