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Mission #72: Do you hear that? It's 'The REALLY Good Humor Truck'



So I've had this idea for years, but have not yet found a way to bring it life. And then it occurred to me:  Maybe we can make this happen together here at Mission Amy KR!

The premise is simple:

What if there was a roving Good Humor Truck that, instead of dispensing ice cream, dispensed...HUMOR?!  

I think the time is right.  I mean, we all know how popular food trucks are these days.  How cool would it be to find a truck parked at the corner and out pops a comedian with a mic? A pretty fun way to spend your lunch break, right?

And how wonderful would it be to send "The Really Good Humor Truck" to places that would benefit deeply from hearty laughter, such as a children's hospital?

All we need to do is:

a) Find someone with a Good Humor truck license (and a good sense of humor), and 

b) Find a few make-me-laugh-so-hard-I-cry stand-up comedians.

(And btw, we can do this in as many cities as we get Good Humor trucks.)

WHAT NOW? Please share all ideas and possible leads in the comment section. And consider sharing this blog mission with your pals and social networking circles. That would be super helpful. Thank you so much.

All together now:

I scream.  You scream.  We all scream...with laughter.  

"The Really Good Humor Truck." Powered by Mission Amy KR.





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