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Afternoon Shift

Monday's game plan for 'Afternoon Shift': Plans for the future - and a discovery about the past

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Today we talk with author David Finch about being diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome -- by his wife, five years into their marriage. Reporter Sam Hudzik gives us a look at the House and Senate seats that may get overturned, and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emnauel tells us what he's doing to help economic growth in Chicago. Basically, we're looking forward (except for our talk with Lee Bey, which digs up some history).

David Finch: David Finch’s new memoir, The Journal of Best Practices, chronicles his late in life diagnosis of Asperger syndrome. Finch joins us to explain how this diagnosis changed his world.

Lee Bey: Remember that old synagogue on the West Side that was scheduled for demolition a few months ago? Yesterday, residents from the neighborhood and beyond showed up to clean up the site as part of an effort to convince a judge to give the building a “stay of execution”. Lee Bey explains.

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Zulkey: WBEZ Blogger Claire Zulkey considers herself a Guardian Angel for public, social etiquette. (You know the kind - spitting on public sidewalks, littering, etc). But confronting those who break the rules has caused a bit of conflict. Have these confrontations caused more harm than good? She’s lived to tell her tales, and shares them today.

Hudzik: 177 seats are up for grabs in the Illinois House and Senate this fall. WBEZ’s Sam Hudzik takes us inside a few of those races - one in DuPage County and one on Chicago’s West Side.

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Emanuel: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel discusses his plans for economic growth in Chicago and the region.

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