More than 1,000 local nurses plan a strike

More than 1,000 local nurses plan a strike

The nurses say it’s not about money. They want to eliminate “rotating” shifts as long as 12 hours. Jan Rodolfo is with National Nurses United, the union that’s been in contract negotiations with the hospital since last fall.

“We think it (the long shifts) lead(s) to medication errors,” said Rodolfo. “We know it leads to nurses falling asleep while they’re driving on the way home.”

The nurses union said their members want more staff and supervising nurses instead of managers. They said the hospital is looking at that option to lower costs. UCMC officials released a statement saying that, with average salaries at more than $100,000 a year, their nurses already make more than most local hospitals pay. Hospital official said they’ll have skilled replacement nurses in the event of a strike.

The union says more than 1,500 nurses would go on strike beginning April 30th if negotiations break down. The next bargaining session is set for Thursday April 23rd.

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