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Morning parlor game: What was the suspicious package in Zuccotti Park?

As hard as they spray, it just won't come out (AP)

I woke up to the news that the NYPD dropped the hammer last night and removed the protesters and arrested 150 people from Zuccotti Park. Wall Street is no longer occupied. But not so fast says a court order. A court (don't know which one) ordered that the protesters could return with tents if they choose to do so. Protesters did return to the park this morning sans tents, but were evacuated again because of a suspicious package. My guesses at what the package was: 1) New drum 2) Latrine 3) Block of weed.

The New York Times is doing a great job this morning covering the breaking news. I mean, if you like typos! C'mon Grey Lady, the whole world is watching..

Every since? C'mon NYT. Typos is my beat.

A similar story came out of Oakland, where police raided and removed protesters from their camp in front of City Hall. No word on courts there, which probably don't open til 8am. So what does this mean for Occupy Chicago? They have already given up on the idea of occupying Grant Park. They also soured on the idea of creating some sort of tent city. The new plan is to move indoors for the winter. That announcement should be coming soon. But they may want to make that announcement faster than anticipated because other big city mayors have set precedent. It seems it would not be out of public favor to evict Occupy Chicago from LaSalle Street now.

B story: We here at WBEZ would like to challenge our local media counterparts. It's a 10 day challenge: How many times can you say the phrase 'Black Friday' before 'Black Friday?' Winner gets Mark Saxenmeyer.

C story: Front & Center has a great piece today: Could the Great Lakes be the next foodie mecca? I dunno, is there a West Loop in Michigan?

D story: Ashley Gross has a good story about affordable rental units in Chicago. DePaul did a study saying there really isn't any. Which might be the worst kept secret in Chicago. Is there anyone who lives here who actually has a two bedroom under a grand? I remember when I first moved to Chicago. It was 1993 and I was in a three bedroom for $650 at the corner of Roscoe and Damen. Is that still avail?

E story: Arne Duncan has a lisp? Where have I been?

F story: Did you know that Governor Pat Quinn bunked with Texas Governor Rick Perry in Afghanistan? Sounds like the beginning of a sitcom to me!!! Quinn was live on MSNBC today, doing an interview for the show "Starbucks Live" Morning Joe:

Weather: It's 60!

Sports: So really, no basketball? That hurts. Mostly because we will have to look back on this year as the year the Bulls were going to win a championship. Also, we have a very young Derrick Rose. We lose a year of his "I can play 48 minutes straight" ability. Pretty soon, Rose will be Robert Parrish. Then what? Yesterday evening, I put together a list of businesses affected by no NBA in Chicago. Like those bucket drummers. What are they going to drum in front of now?

Kicker: Parking meter graffiti art!!!! This one spotted by colleague Dan Weissman, west of Clark St. on Morse Ave. in Rogers Park:




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