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New video! Alderman Ed Bus: How to raise big campaign cash (featuring Rhymefest)

This new Alderman Ed Bus video was ready a few hours ago, but I wanted to wait so I wouldn't persuade voters of the 20th Ward to vote for Rhymefest based on his funny cameo. Because of the 500 +/- voters who voted today in the 20th Ward, you KNOW half of those are ardent fans of the Justin Kaufmann blog and would run out and vote for him because of this performance. Riiigggght.

But we did our due diligence. Now that the polls are closed, we bring you a video of our favorite Alderman Ed Bus (53rd) making a surprise appearance at Che "Rhymefest" Smith's campaign office. Bus is endorsing Rhymefest. Not because he cares about his politics, but more because he wants the 20th Ward jobs. He has a few cousins that he can't fit on the 53rd Ward payroll.

This is directed by local fillmmaker Charley Rivkin. Charley brings a new life to Alderman Bus, by coaxing out Bus' wild side. And he gives Bus and Rhymefest a cinematic joyride down 80's music video memory lane. Enjoy.

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